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School Team
Ms Jazreel Loh , Mr Tan Yee Ping & Mr Joel Chel
Training Day/Time
Wednesdays (3.00 pm – 6.00 pm)
Ad hoc Fridays for sea activities
CHIJ Secondary; Classrooms/Quadrangle

In CHIJ National Cadet Corps (NCC) (Sea), we aim to nurture a community of Resilient, Responsible, and Resourceful student leaders.

Being NCC cadets, they experience the joy of overcoming challenges through annual camps and courses which are held at the NCC Headquarters (HQ) campus. Some of these camps include Camp FORGE for Secondary Ones, Cap STEEL for Secondary Twos, Specialist Course for all Secondary Threes, Senior Specialist Leadership Course for the top 5 Secondary Three Specialists. Our cadets will be continuously challenged to be the best that they can be through meaningful and adventurous military-related and sea activities. 
CHIJ NCC (Sea) would be an avenue for them to not only be future-ready citizens, ready to serve and give back to the community, but more importantly, develop a sense of unforgettable camaraderie that they would cherish throughout their journey in CHIJ Secondary. 
To serve with Pride and Dedication!