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Girl Guides

School Team
Teacher-in-ChargeMrs Audrey Teng, Ms Low Li Si, Ms Lim Fang Teng & Ms Cheng Ai Hoon
Training Day/Time
Alternate Mondays (3:15 pm - 5:15 pm)
Wednesdays (3:00 pm - 6:00 pm)
Parade Square / Canteen / Field / Classroom / Quadrangle

Girl Guides Comm 2.jpg
The Aims of Guiding
Our Girl Guide unit aims to provide girls and young women with the opportunity to grow and to lead and to empower them to develop them to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.
Girl Guides at CHIJ 
At HIJ 1st Coy, the Guides live up to our motto of ‘Be Prepared’. Using the Girl Guides 5-point programme as a guideline, activities are organised to maximise the potential of the Guides. These include both indoor and outdoor activities such as handicrafts, camp-craft and outdoor cooking which not only enable the Guides to acquire new skills but also to explore the many wonders of nature.

With a serving heart and mind, the Guides also render their services in the numerous community service projects within and outside of school. Our community service projects include raising funds for the Girl Guide Association though Thinking Day Pennies and through the selling of Girl Guides cookies.

Highlights of the year include overnight camps under canvas tents, organising of the annual Secondary One orientation campfire and collaboration with Scouts and Guides from other schools.

Girl Guides (Students-2).png
Firepit and backdrop for Sec 1 orientation Campfire

Girl Guides (Students-3).png
Sec 1 participants walking across the structure build

Girl Guides (Students-4).png
Lighting of the Campfire

Girl Guides (Students-5).png
National Day March Past

Girl Guides (Students-6).png
Outdoor cooking