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To provide our girls with more time and space to explore their interests and connect with
family and friends, we will be having Canvas@IJ on the following Wednesdays, where school
will start at 830am instead of 730am:

13 March, 17 April, 3 July and 25 September

During the hour that has been intentionally set aside, our girls are encouraged to have
breakfast with their families, connect with their friends, explore their interests, engage in
sport, or simply take the time to reflect and reconnect with their thoughts. It is a good
opportunity for them to develop as holistic individuals and have a greater sense of self amid
their busy schedules. We hope that this initiative will give our students a little breather and
room to spark their imaginations.

Dismissal time on the four Wednesdays will remain unchanged at 2.20pm.

Mrs Rachel Lee