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To nurture excited inquirers with a deep understanding of scientific principles to navigate through a changing world.

To develop creative-thinking skills and enquiring minds in our students so that they become independent thinkers and life-long learners through student-centred and investigative methods.

Further differentiating our Life Science Programme to provide our lower-band students with a good understanding of basic life sciences in their everyday living, and challenging the upper-band students with more advanced topics and interests in careers in the life sciences.

The department conducts a rigorous curriculum in practical work for all classes so as to develop important investigative, analytical skills and a life-long attitude in discovery learning.

The department promotes an integrated learning approach by incorporating skills that students have acquired through the enrichment and classroom learning programmes. All Project Work emphasizes the application of technology tools and communication skills. Organizers of interschool science competitions have highly commended CHIJ participants for their excellent communication skills.