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Chinese Language


The Chinese Department seeks to provide a conducive environment for students to develop reading, writing, listening and comprehension skills and to express communicate in their Mother Tongue. Through interactive teaching methods, use of ICT and discussion on current affairs, students gain confidences in communicating in Their mother Tongue, and also gain an appreciation for the language. For example, in developing the oral presentation skills of our students, group activities such as interviews and discussions are used as platforms to promote interaction and communication among students. 

The Chinese Language teachers use the adapted Flipped Classroom approach where students engage with the discussion topics prior to the lesson, and students can learn at their own pace. Curriculum time is maximised as students are able to deepen their understanding of concepts through discussions with their peers And group activities facilitated by the teacher.

Mother Tongue Fortnight activities are organised annually to provide opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and heritage through hands-on activities and programmes. Some examples of activities are paper-cutting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese riddles competition.

The department verified believes in the importance of keeping the language alive and complements classroom learning with experiential learning approaches and learning journeys. 

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