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Food & Consumer Education

FCE in the 21st century is designed with the social and economic landscape of Singapore in mind, both current and future. We take into consideration new lifestyles and consumer trends, and therefore, the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of our students related to health and financial management.
Our department aims to equip students with the knowledge about diet and health, so that they could be more discerning in choosing nutritious food for good health and be informed of the benefits of a balanced meal as the girls are making more food choices while parents are busy at work. Students will also be equipped with food management skills where they will be taught culinary skills to be self-sufficient in planning and preparing healthy meals for themselves and their family. At the same time, students will also learn to be appreciative of the diversity of food from different cultures in Singapore. The department uses the EEEA (Engage, Explore, Explain and Apply) Inquiry Approach to provide authentic and discovery learning for the students where they learn to demonstrate critical thinking skills in comparing and applying prior knowledge learnt and this will enable them to see the interconnectedness of ideas resulting in a more meaningful learning experience.