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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) plays a key aspect in student life in CHIJ as the school believes in nurturing the potential of every student. With the school’s Mission, Vision, Values and Motto, and MOE’s Desired Outcomes of Education, 21cc skills and SEL Competencies providing the philosophical underpinning for CCE@IJ and the realities of the VUCA world in future as considerations, CHIJ has customised a CCE Curriculum (CCE@IJ) to nurture and prepare our IJ girls to be Women of Distinction.

As such, the school has identified six Strengths of Character:

1. Lifelong Learner and Critical Thinker;

2. Diligent and Capable Performer;

3. Socially and Emotionally Skilled Leader;

4. Responsible and Self-Disciplined Person;

5. Contributing Community Member;

6. Spiritual Person crafting a Purposeful Life.

These Strengths of Character are further articulated in the CCE Competency Map into 30 competencies. These CCE Competencies are infused in the IP and Co-Curricular areas and the internalisation of these competencies are observed and assessed via the Milestone Checklist. The Milestone Checklist is used by teachers during the dialogue sessions with students to guide students in the attainment of the CCE Competencies.

CCE Competencies are developed in the following areas:


CCE@IJ adopts the Awareness-Action-Reflection approach where students gain awareness of the CCE Competencies through CCE lessons. They then put in to action what they have learnt in CCE activities such as CCA, VIA and Student Leadership programmes. After each lesson and activity, students go through a reflection process where they evaluate their actions and seek for ways to improve themselves.