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Students are at the centre of the Music Programme in CHIJ Secondary. We believe that all students have the ability to respond to and express themselves through music. We therefore aim to not only develop students’ musical skills and concepts, but also inculcate important values that will enrich and empower them to grow holistically in their educational journey at CHIJ Secondary.  

1. Aims of Lower Secondary Music Programme in CHIJ Secondary
        The Lower Secondary Music Programme aims to: 

Nurture the joy of music-making through the Experience-Concept-Application (ECA) pedagogical approach.
Empower students to express and communicate ideas creatively and confidently through music.
Equip students with musical skills and knowledge.
Inculcate respect, tenacity, and teamwork amongst students as they engage in collaborative and self-directed learning.
Develop an enduring appreciation for music. 

2. Learning in Music
The Music Programme promotes student decision-making through the process of performing, creating, and listening and responding to music.  Students actively engage in analysing and evaluating works of music and musical performances through various media platforms and ICT tools. Through these different modes of learning, students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for meaningful music participation. 

The programme includes:  

  • Rhythmic composition and improvisation (STOMP music)
  • Instrumental playing (Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele and Cajon)
  • Pop Band
  • Song Writing

3. Assessment in Music
Musical understanding is assessed through formative and summative assessment tasks, which include musical performances, improvisation tasks, and reflective written assignments.