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Mission Statement

To nurture inquiring and engaged art learners who display curiosity, resourcefulness, cultural awareness and discernment, to communicate, collaborate and innovate in the increasingly complex world  


Art is a compulsory subject at lower secondary levels and it aims to develop both visual literacy and art appreciation in students. Students will embark on an art experience which encompasses artmaking, reflections, journalling, presentations and learning journeys. 

Students who express keen interest, disposition and ability in Art are encouraged to pursue Art at upper secondary levels. Students will offer the GCE 'O' / 'N(A)' / 'N(T)' Level Art examination at the end of 2 years.  

Art Elective Programme (AEP)

AEP is a four-year programme at the secondary level and a two-year programme at the junior college level. As one of the first AEP schools which started AEP in 1985, we have established a rich programme that offers students opportunities to experience art through the 3Ls@IJ – Learning and acquisition of skills, Living and applying what is learnt in art making, and Leading through local and international partnership opportunities. 

The AEP curriculum places an equal emphasis on the practical and theoretical aspects of Art, with the aim to develop their creativity and critical thinking. Students will be exposed to an exciting range of media and art forms, such as ceramics, digital art, painting, photography and printmaking. We have also established strategic partnerships to create authentic learning experiences for our students, such as through museum visits, artist talks and our signature Twinning Programme with schools and museums in Japan.

Students will offer the GCE 'O' Level Higher Art examination at the end of 4 years.

For a glimpse of the AEP curriculum, please refer to the Little Book of Art Lessons.

We celebrated our 30th Year of CHIJ AEP in 2015. A snippet of our exhibition can be found in the CHIJ AEP Show Catalogue.

Further details about the AEP can be found in the AEP brochure and the MOE website.