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English / Literature


The English Language and Literature curriculum aims to cultivate students who are confident communicators, compassionate leaders and cultured citizens who display the ability to negotiate a diverse array of multimodal texts to communicate effectively in a complex world. 

Students are given opportunities to apply thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills as they engage in discussions on complex issues and texts both within and beyond the walls of the classroom. They are exposed to a wide range of texts to enable them to develop new ways of perceiving the world around them. Students are also given opportunities to actively and creatively construct their understanding and interpretations of texts and reflect on their own values, perspectives and identities as they consider the impact of their beliefs and actions on society. 

The department enrichment programmes such as storytelling, poetry slam, creative writing, learning journeys, and debates, alongside the Joy of Reading programme all contribute to the IJ girl loving and appreciating English Language and Literature and recognising this strength as part of her IJ identity.

Our Signature Programmes: 

1. IJ FLAIR - IJ Festival of Language and Arts in Rhythm 
2. Learning Journeys
3. Readers Theatre
4. CAP@IJ!- Creative Arts Programme
5. Debates