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Netball School Team

School Team
Ms Seng Wee Pheng, Mr Wong Wei Keong, Ms Margaret Teo & Mr Tan Tee Wee 
Training Days/Time
Competition season - subject to change: 
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (3.00 pm – 6.30 pm),
CHIJ Secondary Netball Court (Indoor Sports Hall) / Parade Square

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The CHIJ Netball School Team has distinguished itself to be a force to be reckoned with, having won the 'B' and 'C' Division titles many times over the years. This is a strong tradition that we are proud to uphold and defend. Annually, we compete in the South Zone Netball Championships and subsequently move on to compete in the National Inter-School Netball Championships.

Competition season lasts from January to April for the "B" division and July to September for the "C" division. Of which, our intensive and rigorous training begins in the months leading up to the competitions for each division. 

Under the leadership and expertise of our coach Ms Kok Mun Wai, the CHIJ Netball School Team has flourished as her dedication and passion for the sport has contributed immensely to the netball legacy in CHIJ. It was her guidance, with the support of the school, which led us to claim the double championship title for both 'B' and 'C' Division in both the South Zone Inter-school Netball Championships as well as National Inter-school Netball Championships consecutively in both 2015 and 2016. In 2017, we achieved championships for South Zone Inter-school Netball Championships while achieving 1st and 2nd placing for C division and B division for Nationals respectively. Through the team's perseverance and determination to do our best, our team managed to clinch our double championships once again, both at the 2018 Zonal and National Championships. In 2019, we achieved champions for both divisions in the South Zone Inter-school Netball Championships and 2nd placing for "C" division at the National Inter-school Championships.

However, the CHIJ Netball School Team is not only about winning competitions. Besides the annual championships, CHIJ Netball also plays friendly matches with many different schools and teams (both local and overseas). Annually, the team also organizes a team bonding retreat and beach training at Sentosa. This helps us to learn from the other players and allows us to gain more experience on and off the court.   

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