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iGrow@IJ(Eco Club)

Teacher-in-ChargeMs Lokambal Dakshnamoorthy & Ms Karina Lalchand Sheri
Training Days/Time
Wednesdays, 3.00 - 5.30 pm
VenueCHIJ Secondary, Classrooms

Pioneering in 2022, iGrow@IJ is a new CCA at IJ which aims to bring awareness of the need to nurture sustainability practices among students as inhabitants of our planet. Through various activities and workshops, students will foster an understanding of how to champion environmental causes and thereafter become stewards among their peers, influencing them to do the same.

iGrow@IJ offers a wide range of hands-on activities for students to participate in, such as mending designated plots of the school garden and subsequently a hydroponics farm, learning how to manage composting processes as well as other upcycling and advocacy or outreach activities which members will participate in and subsequently lead within the school. Members of this club will also have opportunities to explore the biodiversity in and around the school and conduct regular data collection, playing a part in contributing to a larger pool of information about urban biodiversity in Singapore.

The club provides a platform and an opportunity for members to meaningfully contribute to the formation and upkeep of this new landscape in the school while themselves getting the opportunity to experience the process of gardening and farming. Students will also be exposed to a variety of vegetables, flowering and non-flowering plants and other plants that we use in our everyday life. With the establishment of the hydroponics farm, members will also get a unique opportunity to understand and try their hands at a modern farming method to grow and harvest vegetables that we intend to donate as a gesture of giving back to the society or for the school’s use.