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Chinese LDDS

Teacher-in-Charge Ms Ma Lei and Ms Chen Lanqing 
Training Days/Time Monday & Wednesday 3 pm – 6 pm
(Nearer Competition dates, training will be held more than twice a week)
Venue CHIJ Secondary- éStudio, Bentinck

CHIJ Guitar Ensemble comprises of two ensembles – the Main Ensemble made up of the Secondary 2s to 5s, and the Junior Ensemble made up of the Secondary 1s. The Guitar Ensemble is led by Ms. Karen Sin and her team of dedicated instructors.

CHIJ CLDDS engages itself enthusiastically in Chinese culture largely through active involvement in Chinese Drama & Chinese Opera.
In the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Chinese Drama, CHIJ CLDDS has successfully obtained a Gold with Honours in the year 2011 and obtained a Certificate of Distinction in the year 2013.

The Chinese Drama experience in CLDDS is an enriching one. Students get the chance to work alongside professional instructors to learn the ropes of a good Chinese Drama performance, such as voice projection, facial expression, stage-directing and developing a good storyline. Our girls participate actively right from ideation to production. This ensures that the drama production is one that is well-tailored to showcase their individual talents and harness their creative potential. 

Apart from Chinese Drama, CHIJ CLDDS also participates in the Singapore Youth Opera Showcase, which has taken place for 2 consecutive years. It is a rare platform for primary and secondary schools in Singapore that take up Chinese Opera to put together a ticketed showcase for the public to enjoy. 

Learning Chinese Opera has proven to be an impactful experience. Testimonies from the students echo the immense sense of achievement whenever a successful performance has pulled off. Putting together a Chinese Opera performance of good standard can be challenging. The four performing techniques in Chinese Opera which are “singing, reciting, acting and acrobatic fighting” must be grasped well. Teamwork is also involved in the high-level choreography at work. All these require sheer amount of vigilance and self-discipline. The saying “a minute on stage takes ten years of hard work” sums up the experience. 

CHIJ CLDDS girls are also privileged to experience first-hand the beauty of one of the oldest dramatic art forms in the world. They witness how face painting is done and how an ancient multi-piece costume is worn, from start to finish. Playing roles of significant figures such as Hua Mulan also inculcates in them the positive values in life.     
The CHIJ CLDDS experience provides the avenue in which the girls learn the true meaning of ‘perseverance’, one of five important school values, which helps shape a woman of distinction.