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Financial Assistance

1.MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

Singapore Citizens in financial need may apply for assistance from MOE for school fees and other expenses.
The eligibility criteria of this scheme is:
  • Gross Household Income $2,750 or below   OR
  • Per Capita Income $690 or below (per capita income = Total Household Income / No of Household Members)

For new applicants, please download this form and return the forms with scanned copies of all necessary documents to . Alternatively, you may come to the school’s general office with the necessary documents to submit your application.

2.IJ Bursary

Students who marginally missed the MOE FAS criteria and are unsuccessful may apply for the IJ Bursary.
The eligibility criteria of this bursary are: 
  • Per Capita Income (PCI) $1,250 or below (per capita income = Total Household Income / No of Household Members)
  • Good conduct
To apply for IJ bursary, please contact our Admin Manager, Mr Edwin Neo at

Types of benefits provided under MOE FAS and IJ Bursary


IJ Bursary

School Fee

Full waiver of $5

No provision

Standard Miscellaneous Fee

Full waiver of $10

No provision

Textbooks & School Attire


School Meal

$2.90 per meal for 10 meals each school week

Transport Subsidy

$15 transport credit per month

Monthly Pocket Money

No Provision

Ranges from $50 - $150 according to PCI

The application is open throughout the year. However, as school will re-open soon, if you wish to apply for financial assistance at year-end, please complete the application forms and submit it with the required documents to the school’s General Office by 28 Dec 2021.

3.Opportunity Fund

This fund helps our Singapore Citizen students to access learning opportunities which they would otherwise miss out on due to their family circumstances.

For approved applications, the fund will be used for:
  1. Overseas trips: Visits and exchange programmes with schools overseas. OF is used to help needy students who would otherwise miss these overseas exposure opportunities because they cannot afford their co-payment amount.
  2. Enrichment Programmes: Programmes which improve personal and social effectiveness, and developmental activities beyond the classroom.
  3. Personal Computers: To help our needy students own personal computers under the NEU PC PLUS Programme (link : ) so as to support their independent and self-paced learning, as well as facilitate their engagement in project work. 

The eligibility criterion is:
Per Capita Income (PCI) $1,250 or below (per capita income = Total Household Income / No of Household Members)

Students who are approved under the MOE FAS or IJ Bursary scheme qualify for OF, and no application is required.

Students who would like to apply for the OF can approach Mr Edwin Neo, Admin Manager at the General Office.

4.Other Financial Assistance Schemes
Available Grants, Funds and Packages for individuals affected by Covid-19:

Social and Public Assistance administered by MSF :