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Sister Elizabeth Academy


CHIJ customises its teaching and learning curriculum to meet the needs of its students.   Sr Elizabeth Academy takes into account your talents and abilities to provide out-of-classroom programmes to challenge and pique your interests. 

The Sr Elizabeth Sec 2 Academy Programme begins Term One, Week 6 – 10 and it is generally scheduled every Tuesday, 1.50 to 3.10pm (with the exception of Design Thinking which starts at 3.30 and end at 5.30pm due to constraints from our polytechnic partner). The second run of the programme and your second choice will commence in Term Three, Week 1 to 5.  More accurate timing for the courses will be stipulated in Term Three.

There are three programmes in the Sec 2 Academy Programme and you will get to complete two of the programmes through the year.  Please read the synopsis of the three courses before making a choice.

Forensic Science
In this forensic workshop, you will take on the role of a CSI detective where you will analyse and examine various pieces of evidence to recreate a crime scene.  Then you present your case findings in a moot courtroom. This workshop taps on what you have learnt through the forensic workshop the previous year.  A blood splatter scene will also be introduced to make the learning process as authentic as possible. The process of logical reasoning and analytical skills will be the focus of the programme in this workshop.

Aerospace Workshop
Ever dream of becoming a pilot? What goes on in our air space everyday? Is our air traffic as busy as our roads? If you are curious about such questions and you are looking for an exciting experience that models a pilot's training, you will find the Aerospace workshop interesting.  You will learn about the forces of nature that affect airplanes flying thousands of kilometres above us. You will use computer software to simulate flying and compete in an air race. Through the instructors' sharing, you will find answers and insights which will help you make sense of some of the dangers in air and space travel. 

Design Thinking - Ideation
Is creativity a birth-right reserved only for a talented handful? If you could make the world a better place to live in, what would you do? In today’s world, everything is connected to everything else – culture is linked to public policy, fashion is linked to film, photography is linked to architecture and so on. Design is the one common denominator that pulls all the elements into one cohesive solution.  If you’re curious and ready to open your mind to see possibilities, then this workshop is undoubtedly for you.

This workshop on creative ideation lets you step outside the ordinary and into a world of exciting, untold possibilities. Learn how to pluck the fruits of creative thinking through different techniques of the ideation process. Work in groups to brainstorm on a given theme and come up with a project or solution to enhance life in the real world. Tap on the knowledge and experience offered by your mentors as they take you through the design process of conceptualisation, idea development, presentation and critique.
This workshop is conducted every Tuesday, 3.30 – 5.30pm.