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E3 (Excite, Engage & Experience) Programme 2015

Taking on a thematic approach, the E3 Programme will lead students to discover concepts which are progressive. Students start off with the concept of the environment, develop good citizenship and move on to explore the world as they explore the theme of globalisation.

In Secondary One, students explore the theme of the environment. Students are challenged to look beyond the natural environment as we know it, and to discover their role in different environments. 

In Secondary Two, students explore the theme of citizenship, developing rootedness as they explore in greater detail, tradition, identity and culture of the people of Singapore. 

In Secondary Three, students explore the theme of globalisation, critically examining Singapore’s place in the world and the need to sustain development. The focus of the Secondary Three Express Curriculum is an integration of English and Social Studies, recognise the impact of internationalisation, especially with regard to tobacco. This is in line with a National Movement: Towards a Tobacco-Free Singapore, in collaboration with the National Cancer Centre and students from the NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine (YLL-SoM). 

E3 (Excite, Engage & Experience) Programme Overview 2015

IJ Education & Experience Framework dSec 1
(self, school) 
Sec 2
(school, community)
Sec 3
(nation, world) 

Developing the
Outcomes of an IJ girl … 

Thinker, Leader, Communicator 

who is

Confident with Humility
Principled with Compassion

Cultured with Grace


A vision of
A Woman of Distinction

   Key Development Processes

Excite Engage Experience (3Es)

 Learn Live Lead (3Ls) 

 Level 1

attitudes and goals for Learning, Living and Leading

Level 2

interpersonal relationships with Learning, Living & Leading

Level 3

meaningful actions for the wellbeing of self and others in Learning, Living and Leading23 

Level 4


knowledge, attitudes and values that characterise purposeful Learning, Living & Leading 

Level 5

INSPIRES others to
pursue purposeful
Learning, Living
and Leading
Key Programmes  

Learning Objectives

    Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3

  Capstone Experience  Progressive
& Developmental



Developing rootedness 




Recognise environment issues & understand our constraints.

  Show our care for the environment through recycling.

The environment, as seen through pictures.

Create awareness & spread the love for environment.   

Appreciate our history, traditions & culture. 

Interact with and understand the community I am in – where do I stand?  

Understanding our Singapore better (aligned to SG50)
Recognise the position of Singapore in relation to the world      

Displaying essential skills of communication, critical thinking in the 21st century as participatory citizens. 

Take a stand and lead future generations against tobacco.
 Experiential Inquiry

Engaging the learner through exciting experiences

Loving the

  Loving My SingaporeTowards a Tobacco-Free Singapore