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CHIJ Parent Support Group

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“We Serve With Faith, Hope and Love…” 
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25 January 2019

Dear Parents/ Guardians
A warm welcome to CHIJ Secondary, especially Secondary 1 girls and parents! Congratulations to our girls for their achievements in the N and O exams. We look forward to working with our new principal, Mrs Rachel Lee. The dynamic team of 8 Exco members this year are as follows:

Vice-Chairperson, Mrs Adrienne Wong 
Vice-Chairperson, Mrs Audra Chuah 
Secretary, Mrs Rachel Ong 
Treasurer, Mrs Olivia Tang-Yeo
Assistant Treasurer, Mrs Valerie Ang
Logistics, Mrs Jeanette Yeap
Parent Volunteer Database, Mrs Sandra Dias 

There will be a host of events for 2019 where we collaborate with the school such as Total Defence Commemoration Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and Night Study. The girls can look forward to other fun-filled events such as Valentine’s Day, Cookie & Cupcake Day, Youth Day Treat and Children’s Day @ IJ Sec (yes, you are not mistaken)! The continued support of parents and guardians in lending their help in order to make all our events a success is much appreciated.  Last year, we had a total of 115 parents coming forward to volunteer their time at the IJ Fiesta.  Parents and guardians who are able to give of their time or resources may contact us at  On behalf of PSG Exco 2019, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful year ahead filled with peace, joy and love.   God bless!

Mrs Isabel Seow
PSG@IJ Sec 2019

PS We would like to warmly welcome two new members who joined the PSG team in Term 3. They are Mrs Charmaine Choong and Mrs Lorene Lim. 

Friday 11 January  Sec 1/8 Breakfast Meet with   Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Tuesday 15 January  Sec 1/6 & 1/7 Breakfast Meet with   Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Friday 18 January  Sec 1/1 - Sec 1/3 Breakfast Meet with   Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Friday 25 January Sec 1/4 - Sec1/5 Breakfast Meet with Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Thursday 14 February PSG Valentine’s Day Fair 

Wednesday 20 February Total Defence Day Commemoration

Thursday 14 March PTM
Friday 15 March IJ Spirit Day & IJ Fiesta

Wednesday 10 April PSG International Friendship Day Fair

Tuesday 16 April Bake Sale I

Monday 22 April Easter Monday Egg Hunt

Friday 10 May Mothers' Day Fair

Friday 17 May Cookie & Cupcake Day 

Friday 5 July PSG Youth Day Treat 

Wednesday 17 July PSG Racial Harmony Day Fair

Monday 22 July - Friday 2 August Night Study Support Programme

Friday 26 July Bake Sale II

Thursday 5 September Teachers' Day 

Tuesday 1 October  Children's Day @ IJ Sec 

TBC PSG Prayer Support 

Saturday 2 November IJ Open House

Monday 18 November Graduation Dinner

Please contact any of our Exco members
if you are able to contribute in any way to any event or if you have any enquiries.

PSG@IJ Sec EXCO 2019

Mrs Isabel Seow.png Mrs Isabel Seow 
Mrs Adrienne Wong.png  Mrs Adrienne Wong
Vice Chairperson
Audra Chuah.jpg Mrs Audra Chuah
Vice Chairperson
Mrs Rachel Ong.png  Mrs Rachel Ong 
Mrs Olivia Tang-Yeo.jpg  Mrs Olivia Tang-Yeo
Valerie Ang.jpg  Mrs Valerie Ang
Assistant Treasurer 
Mrs Jeanette Yeap.jpg
Mrs Jeanette Yeap

Mrs Sandra Dias.jpg Mrs Sandra Dias
Parent Volunteer Database
Charmaine.jpgMrs Charmaine Choong
Mrs Lorene Lim