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IJ goes Global


IJ Goes Global is a programme which provides opportunities for students to experience learning outside the classroom and Singapore. The school believes that our students need to develop the skills that will see them cope with the many challenges in the future. The students will be working in a globalized community whether it is here in Singapore or elsewhere as the national boundaries disappear as travelling across continents become a norm. 

We have twinning programmes with 5 schools in Hong Kong and 4 in Japan. The school also hosts schools from Indonesia and Vietnam under this programme. We have plans to extend this programme to countries further afield. Students learn communication skills, understand cultural differences and learn to appreciate the differences.

Subject-based and CCA-based learning journeys are also an integral part of IJ Goes Global. Besides that, the IJ Beacon, the overseas mission programme, creates opportunities for students to share their talents and to develop empathy for those less fortunate than themselves. At present, the school has three overseas mission trips a year, with plans to extend the programme.