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School Facilities

facility001.jpg Indoor Sports Hall facility002.jpg Hall of Faith facility003.jpg Celestial Studio
facility004.jpg eStudio facility005.jpg theARTsbox@IJ facility006.jpg CHIJ Museum
facility007.jpg Art Gallery facility008.jpg Recording Studio facility009.jpg Library
facility010.jpg Edison Lab facility011.jpg AVA Room facility012.jpg Pascal Cafe
iMac studio.jpgiMac Studio facility014.jpg D&T Workshop facility015.jpg IJ Foyer
facility016.jpg iMac Lab 2 Lab 3.jpgiMac Lab 3 Lab 4.jpgLab 4
facility019.jpg Courtyard & Academic Block facility020.jpg Parade Square facility021.jpg Media Resource Room
facility022.jpg The Bentinck facility023.jpg Track & Field Study Corner.jpgStudy Corner