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On behalf of the staff and students at CHIJ Secondary, we warmly welcome you, our new Secondary 1 student, and your parents/guardians to our school. Welcome to the IJ Family! From this day forth, you have joined a sisterhood of CHIJ Secondary girls who are Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty.

With 169 years of history and tradition, CHIJ Secondary strongly believes in a distinctive IJ education and experience. Our team of IJ teachers and staff look forward to journeying with you as we guide and support you through your secondary school years, to nurture you into a woman of distinction.

We look forward to welcoming you to school on 3 Jan 2023. In the meanwhile, we will be touching base with you and your parents/guardians virtually.

Please take some time to go through the information provided on the sidebar.


As part of the e-registration process, please complete this form or scan the QR code below to access the online form by 23 December 2022, 12 pm. Do feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions. For students who intend to put in an appeal to another school, you will still need to fill up the form and notify the CHIJ General Office (6353 4972 or should you be successful in your appeal.



Please join us for an online briefing over ZOOM on 23 December at 9 am. This webinar is optional as most of the information will be on the school website. There will be a Q and A segment during the webinar should you have additional queries. Details for the briefing over ZOOM will be sent to you in Parents’ Gateway.

Sec 1 Registration Briefing 23 Dec 2022.pdf


Appeal to transfer into CHIJ Secondary (Non-Medical Reasons):

Primary 6 students who have just received their secondary school posting for AY2023 may use this form to appeal for transfer to CHIJ Secondary School.


Their PSLE score should meet the school's cut-off point of the posting year.

Transfer will be subject to available vacancies and the school’s admission criteria.


1. The personal information provided in this form will be solely used for the purpose of appealing for secondary school transfer based on non-medical reasons.

2. The deadline for the submission of non-medical appeals is on 27 December 2022, 12 pm. Late submission will not be allowed.

3. Students should still report to the posted secondary school on 3 January 2023.

4. Only successful appellants will be informed. The application is deemed to be unsuccessful if you do not hear from the school by 3 January 2023.

Appeal based on medical reasons:

For appeals based on medical reasons (serious medical conditions or severe physical impairments), please request through the posted school before 22 December 2022, 12 pm.


Students who are interested to offer AEP are required to come for the selection exercise. You will be informed of the outcome via PG after the selection exercise.

Details of the selection exercise:

Date: 23 December 2022

Time: 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm (Students to report at 1.45 pm)

Materials required:   Graphite Pencils (eg. 2B, 4B, 6B) & Portfolio of selected artworks (if any)

Venue:  General Office

Attire: Primary School Uniform

Prerequisite: Only students who are enrolled into Secondary 1 in CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) in 2023 may apply.

Registration deadline: Friday, 23 December 2022, 1 pm via



Higher Mother Tongue eligibility:

If your child is eligible to offer Higher Mother Tongue, you would have received the notification with your result slips.  A PG consent form will be sent to you directly for consent by 27 Dec 2022.

Mother Tongue (B) eligibility:

Eligibility criteria to offer MTLB for students offered Express or N(A) course:

AL7 or 8 in Standard MTL OR AL B or C in Foundation MTL

To apply, please email HOD/MT at

Third Language information:

For students who have applied for a third language, you will also receive a PG by 27 December to inform you if your application is successful. 

For more information, please email HOD/MT directly at


If your daughter is eligible to take a subject at a more demanding level, a consent form will be sent to you via Parents’ Gateway (PG) for your consent by 27 December 2022, 5pm.

For more information, please email FSBB Coordinator, Ms Balvinder Kaur at


MOE Financial Assistance Scheme:

Singapore Citizens in financial need may apply for assistance from MOE for school fees and other expenses.

The eligibility criteria of this scheme are:

      Gross Household Income $3,000 or below   OR

      Per Capita Income $750 or below (per capita income = Total Household Income / No of Household Members)

For new applicants, you can submit your application online via this link: if you are eligible and wish to apply for the MOE FAS.

Please contact the General Office (Tel: 6353 4972) for any assistance.

IJ Bursary:

Singapore Citizen students who marginally missed the MOE FAS criteria and is unsuccessful in MOE FAS Application would be offered financial assistance under the IJ Bursary if they are eligible.

The eligibility criteria of this bursary are:

      Per Capita Income (PCI) $1,250 or below (per capita income = Total Household Income / No of Household Members)

      Good conduct

For enquiry, please contact our Admin Manager, Mr Edwin Neo at

Types of benefits provided under MOE FAS and IJ Bursary



IJ Bursary

School Fee

Full waiver of $5

No provision

Standard Miscellaneous Fee

Full waiver of $10

No provision

Textbooks & School Attire


School Meal

$3.50 per meal for 10 meals each school week

Transport Subsidy

$17 transport credit per month

Monthly Pocket Money

Ranges from $50 - $150 according to PCI

The application is open throughout the year. However, as school will re-open soon, if you wish to apply for financial assistance at year-end, you should submit your application by 28 Dec 2022.

For Singapore Citizen students, you can submit your application online via this link, and your application would be reviewed for financial assistance under the IJ Bursary :

Opportunity Fund (OF)

This fund helps our Singapore Citizen students to access learning opportunities which they would otherwise miss out on due to their family circumstances.

For approved applications, the fund will be used for:

  1. Overseas trips: Visits and exchange programmes with schools overseas. OF is used to help needy students who would otherwise miss these overseas exposure opportunities because they cannot afford their co-payment amount.
  2. Enrichment Programmes: Programmes which improve personal and social effectiveness, and developmental activities beyond the classroom.


The eligibility criterion is:

      Per Capita Income (PCI) $1,250 or below (per capita income = Total Household Income / No of Household Members)

Students who are approved under the MOE FAS or IJ Bursary scheme qualify for OF, and no application is required.

Students who would like to apply for the OF can approach Mr Edwin Neo, Admin Manager at the General Office.

Other Financial Assistance Schemes

      Self-Help Groups

      CDAC Assistance:

      SINDA Assistance Website:

      MENDAKI Assistance Website:

      Available Grants, Funds and Packages for families with financial needs:

      Social and Public Assistance administered by MSF :


You may purchase school uniform and textbooks online or in school. Please refer to information below  on the suppliers of textbooks and uniform.

School Textbooks

Pacific Bookstores
Tel:  6559 2269

School Uniforms

Magdalene Sewing Centre Pte Ltd

Contact:  5000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Techplace 2 #05-09

Singapore 569870

Tel: 6293 5840

HP: 8638 0499

*Sale of School Uniform is also available at their retail store in Ang Mo Kio

Sale Window of School Textbooks & Uniforms: 
Secondary 1: 22-23, 27-29 Dec 2022


Please click on this link for booklist and uniform purchase information


Please note that all students entering Secondary 1 in Jan 2023 will be issued a new Secondary level School Smart Cards (SSC). We will update you on the collection of the card once the school is informed of the delivery dates. While you wait for your Secondary level SSC to be ready, you can continue to use your Primary level SSCs for concessionary travel until you receive your new card. You can still purchase the Bus Concession Pass (BCP) using your Primary level SSCs but you will need to purchase the BCP for Secondary School students.


The Health Promotion Board (HBP) provides annual health screening, immunisation and dental services for your child. These services ensure the protection of your child’s health and early detection of health issues. Your consent is needed to ensure your child receives these important health and dental services provided. Please see attached letter from HPB with instructions for consent. 


The school will be communicating with parents via Parents Gateway. If you have not onboarded, please refer to this guide for instructions to be onboarded.


A PDPA letter of consent will also be sent to you in a separate PG for your consent to your daughter’s photographs to be used for various school publications and social media accounts. 

 Once again, we would like to welcome you to CHIJ Secondary and look forward to meeting your daughter/ward on the first day of school!