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SEC 1 Registration 2022

1. All the staff and students at CHIJ Secondary would like to warmly welcome you, our new Secondary 1 student, and your parents/guardian to our school. Welcome to the IJ Family! From this day forth, you have joined a sisterhood of CHIJ Secondary girls who are Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty.

With 168 years of history and tradition, CHIJ Secondary strongly believes in a holistic IJ brand of education. Our team of IJ teachers and staff looks forward to journeying with you as we guide and support you through your secondary school years, to nurture you into a woman of distinction. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to school on 4 Jan 2022. In the meanwhile, we will be touching base with you and your parents/guardians virtually. 

Please do take time to go through all the information provided on the sidebar.
 2.   As part of the e-registration process, please complete this form or scan the QR code below to access the online form by 24 December 2021, 12 pm, . Do feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions. For students who intend to put in an appeal to another school, you will still need to fill up the form and notify CHIJ General Office should you be successful in your appeal. 
3.   Also, please join us for a online briefing over ZOOM on 23 Dec at 8.30am.  This webinar is optional as most of the information is already on the school website. There will be a Q and A segment during the webinar should you have additional queries. To register for a online briefing, please fill in this form
For identification purposes, please observe the following naming convention for the webinar:
Student who are logging in - student’s name (eg. Angela Lee)
Parents/Guardians - student’s name _parent’s/guardian’s name (eg. Angela Lee _Bruce Lee)
Date: Dec 23, 2021 
Time: 08:30 AM Singapore
Passcode: Chij2022
4.   Health Promotion Board (HBP) provides annual health screening, immunisation and dental services for your child. These services ensure the protection of your child’s health and early detection of health issues. Your consent is needed to ensure your child receives these important health and dental services provided. Please see attached letter from HPB with instructions for consent. 
5.    A PDPA letter of consent will also be sent to you in a separate PG for your consent to your daughter’s photographs to be used for various school publications and social media accounts. 
Once again, we would like to welcome you to CHIJ Secondary and look forward to meeting your daughter/ward on the first day of school!