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CHIJ Parent Support Group

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“We Serve With Faith, Hope and Love…” 
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20 January 2017

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Welcome to CHIJ Secondary!  We look forward to a brand new year of embarking on this journey with you, your daughter/ wards as well as the teachers & staff of this school, which many of us call our second home.  We are grateful for yet another fulfilling and successful year in 2016.  Congratulations to Mrs Karen Tay and her teachers on their astounding achievements in 2016 especially with the O-Level and N-Level results.  Congrats teachers, parents and girls!

We begin this year with a team of 7 members; of which 2 are new members (Mrs Dawn Gerard and Mrs Gloria Ng).  We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of IJ mums with girls from Sec 2 to Sec 5, as well as PSG Alumni mums.  We look forward to warmly welcoming parents of Sec 1 girls.  

It is our privilege and honour to introduce Mrs Geraldine Koh as Advisor to the Exco team in 2017. Her invaluable experience in the capacity of Chairperson for 8 years (2009 -2016) will be most beneficial to the new team and we are extremely grateful for her support.

Vice-Chairperson Mrs Adrienne Wong continues to serve a second year and will take the lead in publicity and communications.

Vice-Chairperson Mrs Dawn Gerard, who was in our sub-committee for IJ Fiesta and Teachers’ Day Appreciation Dinner in 2016, will be in charge of our Parent Volunteer Database this year.

Treasurer Mrs Gloria Ng, who was in our sub-committee for IJ Fiesta as well as Teachers’ Day Appreciation Dinner in 2016, will take care of our accounting needs.

Secretary Mrs Rachel Ong continues to ensure all our meetings are accurately recorded, having been a member since 2015.

Mrs Chuah Mee Wee who has served since 2014 remains our Culinary Consultant.

Ms Devi Kardjaja continues to be a dedicated member supporting us in all our events since 2016.

For 2017, we have an interesting mix of fun-filled events, details of which are as follows.  For the first time, we are celebrating Children’s Day at the Secondary level.  The two Craft Fairs are newly minted. We invite parents and guardians who are able to lend their support in terms of time or resources to contact any Exco member.  We would like you to journey with us and your girls in any of the events as listed below.  On behalf of PSG Exco 2017, I wish you and your loved ones an enriching year filled with joy and love.

Mrs Isabel Seow
PSG@IJ Sec 2017

Key PSG Events for 2017
Friday 13 January Sec 1/8 Breakfast Meet with    Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Friday 20 January Sec 1/1 -1/3 Breakfast Meet with Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Friday 3 February Sec 1/4 - 1/7 Breakfast Meet with Principal/HODs & Intro to PSG @IJ Sec

Tuesday 14 February PSG Valentine’s Day Fair 

Wednesday 15 February Total Defence Day

Friday 10 March IJ Spirit Day & IJ Fiesta

Friday 7 April PSG International Friendship Day

Tuesday 11 April Brownie & Pie Day
Monday 17 April Easter Monday Egg Hunt

Tuesday 16 May Cookie & Cupcake Day #1

Wednesday 24 May PSG Craft Fair #1

Friday 30 June PSG Youth Day Treat

Friday 19 July PSG Racial Harmony Day Fair

Monday-Friday 24-28 July Night Study Support Programme

Monday 31 July Night Study Support Programme

Tuesday-Thursday 1-3 August Night Study Support Programme

Wednesday 2 August PSG Craft Fair #2

Monday-Friday 14-18 August Night Study Support Programme

Wednesday 30 August PSG Teachers’ Day Appreciation Dinner 

Monday 11 September PSG Prayer Support (N-Level Exams)

Friday 15 September Cookie & Cupcake Day #2

Friday 29 September Children's Day @ IJ Sec

Friday 20 October PSG Appreciation Night

Monday 23 October PSG Prayer Support (O-Level Exams)

Saturday 4 November  IJ Open House

Monday 20 November  Graduation Dinner

Please contact any of our Exco members
if you are able to contribute in any way to any event or if you have any enquiries.

PSG@IJ Sec EXCO 2017

Name Contact Email Address
gerry.png Mrs Geraldine Koh
Mrs Isabel Seow.png Mrs Isabel Seow 
 9682 7356
Mrs Adrienne Wong.png  Mrs Adrienne Wong
Vice Chairperson
9651 6636 
Dawn Gerard.jpg Mrs Dawn Gerard
Vice Chairperson
9382 3791
Gloria Ng.jpg Mrs Gloria Ng
9009 2938
Mrs Rachel Ong.png  Mrs Rachel Ong 
8102 6402
Mrs Chuah Mee Wee.png Mrs Chuah Mee Wee
9766 0131
Ms Devi Kardjaja.png  Ms Devi Kardjaja
 9645 1094
Audra Chuah.jpg Mrs Audra Chuah

Valentine’s Day 
February 12  2017

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Total Defence Day
15 February 2017

Everyone has a part to play in Total Defence. As a tradition, the PSG took on the role of black marketeers – offering girls a tastier food option at a higher price.  This is to instil the sense of scarcity and inflated prices during wartime. If the girls wanted “fancy” food (other than what was offered in the canteen), they had to understand that it came with a price, especially in wartime. Kudos to our lovely parent volunteers who tirelessly toiled over hot stoves and being part of the valuable lesson for our girls.

Total Defence Day 2017.jpg

International Friendship Day Fair
7 April 2017

PSG brought a taste of Thailand to our girls. The girls sampled the traditional lemongrass drink, basil chicken with rice and topped it off with mango sticky rice for dessert. Thai titbits were offered when the girls could identify ingredients that made the titbits; crispy coconut pancakes, eggrolls, coconut candy and other traditional candy. Many girls tried the lemongrass drink for the first time and were pleasantly surprised by the refreshing taste. Towards the close of the event, some even requested for their tumblers to be filled.
It was truly an eye opener for many of our girls unfamiliar with thai traditional foods.

PSG IFD 2017.png

Night Study
24 July 2017

'N' &'O' level girls who remain in school to study look forward to dinner time - to take a break from books and to fill their tummies with delicious home-cooked meals from PSG and their parent volunteers.


Craft Fair
2 August 2017

…All things pretty and nice to help rekindle the spirit of “handmade” in the current day and time where technology seems to dominate our lives.


Bake Sale
7 August 2017
It is heartening to have many teachers and parents support funding raising events such as this to provide for the many activities that the PSG organises for the girls.


PSG Prayer Support for 'N'&'O' Level Exams
11 September & 23 October 2017

Held at the school chapel, the principal, teachers and parents join the PSG prayer sessions held at the start of the first paper of each exam to seek divine intervention for the girls taking the exams.


Cookie & Cupcake Day
15 September 2017

A bi-annual event where girls dash to choose their favourite cookie/cupcake designs and it is heartwarming to see girls sharing or even foregoing their favourite designs for their friends.  


Children's Day @IJSec
29 September 2017

A first in CHIJ Secondary, the girls were exhilarated to be "allowed" to celebrate Children's Day; many were just awed at the goodies and exclaim "We can celebrate Children's Day?"


IJ Open House
4 November 2017
The PSG assisted in welcoming potential Secondary One students and their parents by providing biscuits accompanied with a cup of iced Milo, coffee or tea.