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STARPlus TGIF Programme

A Learning Journey To the Asian Civilisations Museum

On 8 April 2016 (Friday), our STARPlus students went on a learning journey to the Asian Civilisations Museum. This excursion is part of a module in our TGIF Programme for Secondary 1 students in the Sister Elizabeth Academy - Anthropology M.U.S.E.U.M. Workshop, which is the acronym for “Making Use of Student Exhibits to Understand Mankind.

Instead of the usual descriptive and analytical study of the museum artefacts on display, our students were taken on a customised guided tour by the museum docents to learn how museum curators had set up the various thematic galleries, and how the artefacts were put on display to tell the story about humankind. This unique learning journey would enable our STARPlus students to learn and replicate it for their very own mini Anthropology museum gallery at the end of the 4-session workshop.

Our STARPlus students being briefed by the Asian Civilisations Museum docent at the start of the visit.


Our students recording and taking down notes as the museum docent explained about the artefacts on display.

Students learned from professionals about the considerations behind putting the various artefacts on display.

Students also learned about the cultures of the many Asian Civilisations of the past.


Cultural artefacts at the museum take many forms. An example is a collection of architectural frieze decorations that tells a story.

Our STARPlus students taking notes and getting inspired to create their very own museum exhibits in school.

The students had a wonderful and fun time learning something different in this out-of-classroom experience. 

Text: Mr Sunny Ng

Photography: Mrs Yeoh Ting Ting, Ms Sharon Khoo and Mr Sunny Ng